Thank you for visiting my blog. I belong to a group of runners and fitness enthusiasts that buy alot of fitness equipment mainly Garmin

Recently a few of us had been unfortunately sold refurbished items illegally as new by some dodgy online retailers so here we are going to expose this. We have even been refunded by some but they still continue to sell items as new.

1) They are supposed to be substantially cheaper than new models
2) Have a reduced resell value
3) May have older components used

Below a typical refurbished box (they can vary) 80 - 100% white.  Just plain packaged. We have seen boxes with the refurbished stickers removed so be aware

Garmin Newly Overhauled , Plain box , White box , NOH , Overhauled are actually refurbished products by Garmin.

New items should come in a colour retail box. The box will come with Photo quality colours as below and nearly always have the photo of the product on the box.

Not aways but some products that are refurbished will have the letter N in the part number like

010-NXXXX-XX either on the box and/or device

If in doubt just call Garmin with the serial number

Garmin says NOH devices are Factory Refurbished

If your Garmin device arrives in a non retail box then it is a refurbished product which should be substantially cheaper than a new one. To sell this as a new product is against trading standards and is illegal.

If you find that you have been mis-sold a product then report them here or simply call 08454 04 05 06.

Make sure they pay to have it collected or provide a 30-40% discount.

This is rife on the net , Amazon marketplace and ebay. Most times the hide the fact it is refurbished deep in the description but both on Ebay and Amazon they need to declare this specifically in the 'condition' section which they do not do.

I have forwarded this to some respected sellers that we use to link to us.


  1. I was one of the suckers who bought a garmin Montana from a seemingly UK based seller mainly because they advertised an extended TWO year warranty! The device arrived from the USA (much to my surprise) and only now, thanks to your blog, I realise that i was sold a refurbished unit. It has developed a fault making it unuseable after only 18 months and I'm having great difficulty getting the seller to honour their promised warranty! I've given them 24 hours to respond otherwise I will notify all affected parties such as payPal, UK Customs, Trading Standards etc and follow up with legal action (I have a family lawyer) Garmin seemed quite interested when I spoke with them and have offered a replacement for about £120 which is probably what the seller will resort to if he is sensible-- more later....

    1. Garmin themselves are guilty of this ! I bought a brand new Dakota 20 which wouldn't work so was sent back and Garmin sent me a refurbished unit in return ! As the unit worked and still works 12 months later I have turned a blind eye bit it does make you feel a little bit short changed as when I bought the Dakota I was buying a new one so to end up with a used one is a bit annoying but like I said as it works and I couldn't be bothered to go to the effort of fighting with Garmin about it !

  2. Many thanks for this useful information. I intend to use Handtec to purchase a Dakota 20, as they included a link to your blog, and have additionally made it adundantly clear that the product you are puchasing is NEW

  3. Yup. Just got a refurb from an unscrupulous amazon seller.

  4. I was very fortunate- after telling Garmin the whole story they decided to replace it for nothing! The replacement has worked perfectly ever since and they even supplied me with an extra battery!!